If you have difficulty letting go of what happened long ago, you and author Jeannine Fox have a lot in common.

For years, Fox held on to her childhood abuse and allowed it to impact her thoughts and feelings about herself. Believing she was unlovable and would never be good enough, Fox’s self-defeating thoughts put healing emotional abuse outside her reach.

She had no hope of ever feeling good about herself. However, that all changed the day Fox adopted a little brown-eyed dog named Baby. 

Holy Paws is the inspiring story of how Baby helped Fox remember and reclaim her own goodness and worth, and in the end learn to love herself. At the heart of this personal story is the universal message that regardless of our age or experiences, within each of us is the wisdom and power we need to heal. It’s never too late!

If you are searching for emotional abuse help HOLY PAWS will give you the strength and courage to:

  • finally overcome and let go of your past
  • love and accept yourself as you are
  • reclaim your own inner power to heal
  • reconnect with God & rediscover your own worthiness

If you are tired of living with the emotional pain and memories of the past, Holy Paws is for you.

Imagine how you would feel knowing you were perfect, just as you are!

Imagine what it would feel like to truly love yourself!

Let Holy Paws help you Get Started Today!


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Jeannine C. Fox is a workshop leader and an award-winning speaker. Speaking before businesses, organizations, libraries, bookstores, and churches around the country she brings hope and encouragement to others who are stuck in the pain of their past.   

Fox’s workshop, “Tools & Tips for Letting Go of Your Past” has empowered thousands of people to heal their past by helping them learn to love themselves. Fox says, “It is in changing our own self-image that we are healed.” She believes healing emotional abuse, although never easy, is available to any person who is willing to shed their self-defeating, self-critical thoughts.

To schedule Jeannine for a book signing, talk, or workshop visit our CONTACT US page. Or, learn more about Baby and Jeannine by clicking on BABY or JEANNINE

A portion of proceeds from the sales of Holy Paws and Fox’s speaking engagements is donated to domestic violence shelters, child abuse centers, and animal rescue organizations.

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